More about KAHABA…

Arabian and Half-Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts have experienced positive exposure in the State of Kentucky, due to the Kentucky Breeders Incentive Program which has not only driven up participation, but also encouraged a wider range of venues and events where Arabian and Half-Arabian horses have been presented and showcased to the horse lovers in Kentucky and elsewhere.


Several County Fairs and local Open All Breed Horse Shows were able to see the enthusiasm and increased participation by Arabian horse owners, leading them to schedule added classes specifically for Arabian and Half-Arabian horses, resulting in higher attendance at their shows, and a general increase in revenue due to attendance by both exhibitors, owners and spectators.

Our Membership numbers have risen, as have the numbers of Nominated Stallions to the program, and Eligible Nominated Horses competing for points and recognition, making for a win-win situation all around, increasing not only more involvement for Kentucky owners with expanded venues to visit and compete at across the State, but an opportunity to attract more potential Arabian horse owners.

The KAHABA Officers and Board Members have worked diligently to tailor the program to encourage participation by not only the Kentucky-born Arabian and Half-Arabian foals, but also to reach out to stallions from other areas that can be included as eligible Nominated Sires, making it attractive to have their foals born in the State of Kentucky, thereby making them eligible to earn the incentives provided by the program. Currently, thirty Stallions are enrolled as Eligible Nominated Sires, and forty five horses are participating as Nominated horses.

As an added benefit, KAHABA has instituted a Production Division for Kentucky foaled Arabian and Half-Arabians three years and under, funded solely by enrollment fees from eligible horses, and the participation in those classes has seen significant increases year after year, due to the substantial payout that the program has been able to offer. This program has seen increased interest in breeding KY bred horses.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and involvement of our Members from across the State, Arabian and Half-Arabian horses have been presented to the public at events such as Breyerfest, Equine Affair and the National 4H Judging Contest.  Thousands of horse-loving children and adults have been treated to an exhibition of the various and exciting ways to enjoy owning an Arabian horse. Whether it is just for the sheer pleasure of admiring living art, or the diversity of riding a horse capable of the versatility of carrying both English and Western tack, competing over fences, the precision of dressage, the thrill of Ranch Riding, the elegance of the English disciplines, the smooth balance of the Western horse, or simply enjoying the many trail venues the State of Kentucky has to offer, the Arabian horses are suited for the task.

The Arabian racehorse was a drawing card that the curious showed up to cheer on at the Keeneland meet, and we have Members that participate in Distance Riding Events both in and out of the State.

Lastly, the KBIF Non-Race program has seen a presence by Arabian and hHalf-Arabian owners through KAHABA in innovative and industry-shaping events such as the KEEP Conference last October, where the future of the Kentucky Horse Industry was brought into focus. Both National and Regional Arabian Conferences have expressed an interest in the Kentucky program, as a industry model for expanding activities within the breed.

We as Arabian and hHalf-Arabian owners and Board Members of KAHABA , are extremely encouraged that due to the KBIF program, the Arabian horse will continue to make an impact on the Kentucky Horse Industry.