Production Classes

2018 Production Classes will be offered at the BAHA Spring Blast, the SAHIBA Arabian Fall Show and the PMHA Fall Harvest Show in 2018

*KAHABA Production Class Rules

$25 fee to enter Production Classes

Rules and Procedures:

1. Kentucky bred purebred Arabian foals Three years old and younger.

2. Kentucky bred Half Arabian/Anglo-Arabian foals Three years old and younger.

Entries must be enrolled for the Kentucky Breeders' Incentive Fund through KAHABA [Kentucky Arabian and Half Arabian Breeders Alliance] for information on enrollment go to  Only foals with completed forms and payment will be eligible to show.

These classes will be conducted under USEF rules but they are not approved by AHA for qualifications or achievement award points. These classes can be drug tested by the USEF.

Entries will be introduced with their information as they are presented to the judge. The following information must be   made available to show management; name of foal, foaling date, sire and dam, breeder, owner and handler. Please provide this information in order as it is listed here. You will find form on web page.

Entries will be placed 1st through 6th. Prize money from available funds will be awarded as follows:

4 horses or more in a class: 1st place-40%, 2nd place- 30%, 3rd place- 20%, and 4th place- 10%

3 horses in a class: 1st place-45%, 2nd place- 35%, and 3rd place-20%

2 Horses in a class: 1st place-60%, 2nd place- 40%

1 Horse in a class: 100%

Each horse that participates in the class will also receive credit for a Participation Point.  Only ONE (1) Participation can be earned per horse/per show.  .

These classes will be judged as halter classes with the following procedure:

All horse are required to enter the ring through the holding paddock

When first horse enters ring judging begins

Horses will enter ring at the trot

When final horse has entered the gate closes

Judges will begin individual judging of horses

Only the 2 horses on deck can school

When final horse completes the individual presentation all horses will be called to walk

Each horse will be judged at the walk

Upon completion of walk, halt horses

Judges will mark cards